Terms and Conditions

Damage:  We take responsibility for all damage incurred on your property that was caused by myself or my crew.  We DO NOT take responsibility for damaging toys, hoses, or other items left on the lawn that are not seen by us.  We will do our best to remove these items but sometimes we hit an item because we cannot see it.  You are responsible to remove all items that may be hit by us. 


If a residential sprinkler system is installed correctly, no mower should be able to damage the sprinklers.  A sprinkler should be installed flush with the ground so as to not break when it gets run over.  Similarly, all sprinklers should be installed an inch away from the sidewalk so they don’t get hit by an edger.  Sprinklers that do not retract properly may get damaged when the mover drives over them.  Because of this, we are not responsible for any damage to sprinklers unless it is clearly above ground such as a back flow valve or a tall sprinkler head meant to water shrubs, bushes etc.